Predator Suit has arrived! Martial Arts Melbourne

Predator Head

Predator Suit to Freestyle Combat Martial Arts Melbourne

Freestyle Combat Martial Arts had been waiting with anticipation to receiving our Predator Suit from Fast Defence in America. Last week we excitedly put it through its paces. Our first impressions are that the suit is very well made. It has plenty of adjustment and can fit myself  (5’9″ 65 kg) and another student at 6’6″. The helmet component has plenty of padding inside. We highly recommend following the fitting instructions because you can cop a bit of a pounding if it moves around too much.

Our first few sessions with the suit have been terrific. It is great to apply our self defence techniques at full pace without concern for our partners safety. The suit absorbs the hardest of strikes, knees and elbows. There is definitely a correct way to take the shots while wearing the suit which I discovered quite quickly.

Over the next few weeks, we will be incorporating the Predator Suit in our street defence concepts. Keep an eye out for some new Youtube clips and more information.




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