Australian Freestyle Combat

Mixed Martial Arts in Melbourne

Australian Freestyle Combat Martial Arts Melbourne, has evolved since 1979, under the guidance of its founder, Mick Nicholls. The best concepts from Krav Maga, MMA, Brazilian Jujitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, Panantukan and other martial arts from all over the world, all come together to form Australian Freestyle Combat.

Is Australian Freestyle Combat Martial Arts Melbourne for you?

Practical Self Defence from Day 1

From the very first lesson, you will learn self defence techniques that work in real life situations. As your skills increase, so do variety the of applications. Australian Freestyle Combat’s mission is to keep you safe with no fancy moves, just what is proven to work. An effective self protection system, that we hope you will never have to use, but one day, may just save you life.

Complete Mixed Martial Arts Melbourne System

Australian Freestyle Combat is a system that continues to evolve. It is a complete martial arts system that progresses from white belt  to seventh degree black belt. The concepts are integrated together so seamlessly, you won’t even realise that you have learnt techniques from JKD, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Karate, Filipino Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Western Boxing, Kali and many other styles.

Come down and learn Martial Arts and Self Defence in a family friendly and safe environment.

Why Train with Freestyle Combat?

Hear from our founder Mick Nicholls, about why Freestyle Combat is for you.


Active Fence Video

Active Fence

In this new video, Shane and I discuss an active fence. Mick Nicholls always teaches us the importance of distancing, preemptive striking and raising your awareness during a street conflict. Active Fence – AustFreestyleCombat Youtube

Muay Thai and the Filipino Arts

Filipino Martial Arts’ devastating Elbow The Muay Thai kicking system is great for the street. Especially when you couple it with the low lying kicking system of the Philippines. Mick Nicholls’  first exposure to the Thai elbow just blew him away. The application was just so much better, in his opinion, of the way the other Asian countries were using the elbow. That being said, the Indonesians, Malaysians and Filipinos use

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Escrima / Eskrima and Filipino Martial Arts

Escrima/Eskrima/Filipino Martial Arts helped evolve Freestyle Combat. Mick Nicholls, the founder of Australian Freestyle Combat (est. 1979), discussed in this interview, why Escrima Filipino Martial Arts has been incorporated into his martial art. Filipino Martial Arts has many names and different forms. Some of the common names are FMA, Philipino Martial Arts, Escrima, Eskrima, Kali and Arnis. Coordination Kali stick drills, whether it is

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